Isopure Company


I #TRAINPURE so I can continue to pursue my passions of photography, adventuring, and bodybuilding.  I want to keep my body in healthy shape so I can keep up with the hikes I go on and not be limited to do things because I'm out of shape and physically incapable of doing something.  I also plan for the future and want to get a head start on being fit enough to keep up with my future kids.

Being my first blog post I'm excited to talk about one of my favorite companies I've got the opportunity to work for.  Isopure Company is a sports nutrition brand that makes the best protein your body can get.  It's the highest quality of protein without all the other fillers your body doesn't need.  Their powders has 25g of whey protein isolate. NO carbs, NO sugar, NO fat, and 5g of Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Nothing gets better than that.  I've used their protein powders to hit my physical goals for years now and have loved the results I get and not to mention one of the best tasting protein powders ever.

In todays market it is hard to find quality products that have high quality protein and none of the junk your body doesn't need.  Labels are always putting 25g of protein! in big bold letters on their packaging, then you look at the long list of ingredients and the nutrition label with lots of carbs, fat, and sugar.  Also on top of that it recommends multiple servings and when you add all that up that 25g of protein isn't worth it.  Sometimes I get to work and forget to pack a snack.  Luckily for me there's a GNC a few blocks away and I just pick up one of these 40g Isopure drinks.  They're sooooo good! Blue Raspberry and Lemonade are my favorite flavors.  

You don't need to a gym fanatic to be taking protein. Isopure is made for everyone who are driven to do more and want to be the best form of themselves.  The best quality of protein with the best taste.

Jordan Lacsina